DELTA (February 20, 2018) – Delta South MLA Ian Paton says the community of Delta has been ignored in the NDP’s first full Budget, with no plan or timeline to address the traffic gridlock and seismic safety concerns at the George Massey Tunnel.

“Today’s Budget shows the NDP’s disregard for the 80,000 commuters a day who travel this important stretch of road,” says Paton. “Local residents, ferry travelers, and commercial motorists aren’t getting any relief anytime soon. This project just isn’t a priority for this government.”

Paton says today’s NDP Budget contained a number of other disappointments as well.

“While the announcements around affordable housing and child care are welcomed—they are still a far cry from what the NDP promised to the electorate before the last election,” says Paton. “What’s more, the NDP has announced $5.5. billion in new taxes, hitting the small business sector particularly hard.”

As Agriculture Critic, Paton was also unimpressed with the few measures announced for this important sector.

“They’ve announced only $7 million of new money for the current fiscal year, but part of that appears to be the repurposing of the former BC Liberal government’s $5 million Tree Fruit Replant Program,” notes Paton. “Even more alarming is the fact that given this trade war with Alberta that the NDP has gotten us into—that could cost B.C. wineries $70 million— that money in the Budget doesn’t even amount to a tenth of the impact these wineries will feel from the dispute.”

Paton vows to hold the NDP government to account for its broken promises, and continue to fight for the priorities of Delta residents and the agricultural sector.